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AMHL Services
The Alaskan Malamute HELP League came into being to rescue malamutes from uncertain futures and that remains our primary focus. 
   Sometimes the best way to ensure that malamutes do not end up in rescue shelters -- or worse -- is by helping malamute owners and prospective owners, as well as animal control shelters. If we can help people keep their malamutes -- or if we can assist prospective new pet owners in determining whether a malamute is really the best pet for them -- we may have saved some dogs from needing rescue at all.
   To that end, the AMHL has several services available, some of which are quite a lot of fun!

Education: The AMHL provides information through this website and in several brochures. The following publications are available in hard copy: 

  • Because Dogs Are For A Lifetime 
  • So... You Think You Want A Malamute 
  • Choosing The Right Breeder 
  • To Breed Or Not To Breed 
  • You Wanted To Know...
  • Basic Alpha Training for Malamutes

For descriptions of the above literature, or to request brochures, please click here.

mal_image1.jpg (5098 bytes)Howler Magazine: Members of the AMHL receive our quarterly magazine, Howler.
No organization can be complete without a way to keep its membership informed. Our quarterly publication, the Howler, is full of 'Malamute Stuff'. It offers a diverse range of articles from amusing anecdotes to articles of a serious nature. The complete range of Malamute activities is covered, accompanied by photographs of Mals in action. Money to publish The Howler does not come out of Rescue funds. The Howler is totally financed through advertising revenues and corporate sponsorship. We have received many compliments on the quality and content of The Howler, and we are proud of it. 

More about Howler...

AMHL Activities & Programs
Working and playing with your malamutes is one of the best ways to ensure that yours is a happy and productive relationship. Throughout the year, the HELP League (AMHL) and HELP League members hold events for malamutes and malamute owners. Some of these events are:

  • Dog Sled Races and Clinics
  • Skijoring Clinics
  • Weight Pull Clinics and Events
  • Packing and Day Hiking 
  • Agility Clinics
  • Working Dog Certifications
    and more....

sled2.jpg (2935 bytes)The HELP League is very fortunate to have a diverse membership, many of whom are very knowledgeable in raising, training and working with malamutes. AMHL activities provide an excellent forum for malamute owners to meet and learn from each other.
Check our AMHL Activities Page for more information on future events as well as news from previous outings. Also, see our Working Dog Certification Page.

Lost & Found: A service of the AMHL, our online Lost and Found helps reunite people with their lost pets. This is in addition to our registry of Rescue Dogs and network of AMHL members. Click here to access the Lost & Found Pages


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