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We are the largest association of Malamute owners in Canada. The AMHL is a Canada-wide registered charity dedicated to working with shelters, rescue groups and the public, to provide: education; information; support in finding lost and stolen dogs; encouragement and recognition of responsible dog ownership and achievement; assistance in placing Alaskan Malamutes at risk; and, as a last resort, providing hands-on rescue in Canada wherever possible.

Working With Owners...

mal_image10.jpg (3594 bytes)Owners often encounter trouble with their Malamutes. They may have problems with training, providing enough exercise or just coping with all that fur every spring. Some find that they are simply unable to keep their dogs. The following services are available to all Malamute owners:

Education and Support: Our volunteers are always available to provide advice about training and behaviour problems. We have experience with many different activities to help lively young Mals burn up some of their overwhelming energy. We also have access to a wide network of experts to help find answers to more difficult questions.

Finding Lost Dogs: We can offer advice about how to conduct a search for a lost dog.  We also cooperate with animal shelters who are trying to locate strays' owners. Referrals: Sometimes, it is impossible for an owner to keep their Malamute. If they are able to continue to care for their pet while trying to find a new home, and if the dog is healthy and mentally sound, we will try to provide referrals to people who wish to adopt an adult Malamute.

mal_image8.jpg (4486 bytes)Care, Rehabilitation and Placement: For owners who have reached a crisis with their Malamute and are no longer able to provide care, even while finding a new home, or whose dog has behaviour problems which will make placement difficult, we offer care, rehabilitation and placement services. If we believe that with proper training the dog will be able to do well in a new home, we will accept it into our program. Sound, healthy dogs are assessed for one month. If they show strong potential for improvement, we will continue to work with these dogs until they are ready for adoption. Our success rate is very high: to date, less than 2% of the dogs we have worked with have been unplaceable. These dogs are now part of our Foster Dog Program.

Our Activities:
Although we take our work seriously, it doesn't mean that we can't have some fun doing it. We encourage and promote a variety of Malamute-related activities, and have developed a Working Dog Program. Our members participate in club-organized events that include sledding (both competitive and non-competitive), packing, weight-pulling, ski-joring, and agility. Our main fundraiser, Pac'N'Pull, held the first weekend in October, has grown to be Canada's largest annual gathering of Malamutes and their owners. It attracts participants from across Canada and parts of the United States. From time to time, we offer events such as eye clinics, microchip clinics, and canine first aid courses. For dates and details, see our Coming Events.

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