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Howler Magazine: Members of the AMHL receive our newsletter magazine. The Howler is published 4 times a year though frequencey is dependent upon sponsorships and advertizing.
No organization can be complete without a way to keep its membership informedmal_image1.jpg (5098 bytes). The Howler, is full of 'Malamute Stuff'. It offers a diverse range of articles from amusing anecdotes to articles of a serious nature. The complete range of Malamute activities is covered, accompanied by photographs of Mals in action. Money to publish The Howler does not come out of Rescue funds. The Howler is totally financed through advertising revenues and corporate sponsorship. We have received many compliments on the quality and content of The Howler, and we are proud of it.

February 2000 Howler.pdf
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Disclaimer:This sampler Holwer takes a while to download (almost 4 MB) . This Issue has the printer and clipboard features disabled. This is a back issue. Please refer to the website for current events and available dogs.
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