Working Dog Activities & Program

The Alaskan Malamute HELP League's Working Dog Program was initiated in 1995 in order to add another dimension to the owner/dog relationship. It is our belief that participation in healthy activity such as sledding, skijoring, backpacking and weight pulling enhances and strengthens the bond between dog and owner.

Although other groups offer working dog certification, the HELP League may be the first to do so for all dogs, regardless of pedigree or lack thereof. 
Dogs can be certified in

            • sledding, team (WTD)
            • sledding, lead WLD)
            • skijoring, (WSD)
            • backpacking and (WPD)
            • weight pulling: (WWPD)
            • Versatility Award (AVA)
Skijoring (WSD)
AMHL Skijoring (WSD)
Sledding (WTD) (WLD)
AMHL Sledding
Weight Pulling (WWPD) 
AMHL Weigh Pulling
Backpacking (WPD)
AMHL pack dog
  1. Versatility Award (AVA)
Versatility Award

The HELP League also offers a unique award-- the AMHL Versatility Award. To qualify, a dog must obtain one title or certification from each of the following groups:

1) One working title from programs offered by the AMHL, AMCC, AMCA or CKC;

2) A CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificate or a TT (Temperament Test) certificate as offered by Temperament Test Associates, Therapy Dogs International or St. John Ambulance;

3) Any CKC*, AKC or UKC title (excluding sledding/skijoring, as those are already included in item 1); this includes conformation, obedience, agility, flyball, etc. (*Canadian Kennel Club-- not Continental Kennel Club.)

Titles may be earned at events that are not sponsored by the HELP League, and in the case of backpacking and sledding titles, solo excursions can qualify. Applicants need only submit the required forms and information.
AMHL certficate of achievement
It is the responsibility of dog owners to make sure that their dogs are sufficiently trained and conditioned and that they pose no hazard to the health or welfare of themselves or other dogs and people participating in the event. Any dog or team proven a hazard to other participants at an event will be disqualified from certification. Any driver/handler who displays poor sportsmanship or abuses his or her dogs will be disqualified from certification. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to obtain and mail all the necessary documents, signatures and otherwise complete all requirements to get their dogs certified by the HELP League.

For more information about our Working Dog Program, please e-mail our Program Administrator

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