AMHL Brochures
Education: The AMHL provides information through this website and in several attractive brochures. The following publications are available in HTML text or in PDF format. Recent additions include "Children and the New Malamute", which is one of several educational brochures in our Responsible Dog Ownership Series supported in part by a Pepsi Refresh Grant.
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Because Dogs Are For A Lifetime:
A description of AMHL: how we came to be; our services to owners and shelters; and Santana's story.
So... You Think You Want A Malamute: An overview of malamute characteristics, from size and temperament to exercise and grooming...

Choosing The Right Breeder:
A brief "how-to" guide for people looking to buy a new malamute puppy: where to look; questions to ask; health and temperament issues; guarantees and follow-up.
To Breed Or Not To Breed: You have a wonderful pet — should you breed her? Please read this first!
Children & the New Malamute Whether you adopt a Malamute from a breeder, shelter or from rescue, if you have small children in the home, please consider the pointers in this brochure. This brochure is part of the AMHL Responsible Dog Ownership Series.
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You Can't Keep Your Dog... Or Can You?
Important reading for anyone who is having problems with their canine companions. 
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You Wanted To Know.. ... about AMHL rescue malamutes, adoption and more. Frequently asked questions about the HELP League's rescue program.
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Basic Training For Malamutes: Important information for malamute owners (or prospective owners). Many behaviour problems can be avoided with proper understanding and good training.
Howler Magazine:
Members of the AMHL receive our quarterly magazine, Howler. No organization can be complete without a way to keep its membership informed. Our quarterly publication, the Howler, is full of "Malamute Stuff". It offers a diverse range of articles from amusing anecdotes to articles of a serious nature. The complete range of Malamute activities is covered, accompanied by photographs of Mals in action. The monies to publish The Howler do not come out of Rescue funds. The Howler is totally financed through advertising revenues and corporate sponsorship. We have received many compliments on the quality and content of The Howler, and we are proud of it. 

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