in April 07/2004
Brighton ON

The animal inquestion is a very large , very friendly Shepherd\Malamute cross named Indy. Indy is white and tan in colour with gold-brown eyes. Indy is neutured.

Indy went missing in the general vicinity of the Spring Valley Animal Shelter, just north of Brighton Ontario on March 30th.

I am emailing shelters and rescues in a large radius around the point where Indy disappeared since he is:

A) Physically very strong and has the drive and endurance to cover very large distances ( ten miles or more at a time ) with minimal fatigue , and...

B) Very social in nature and would not hesitate to approach humans along the way , who might in turn bring him to their local area shelter.

Thanks for your time and keeping an eye out for this big lovable boy. Should you have any questions or (god willing) any information pertaining to his whereabouts please do not hesitate to call me collect at (416) 488-5767 or to send me an email at pprentice@rogers.com