: 2004/01/12

Saskatoon and /stolen


Bear is a 4 year old, intact male. He is reg'd and tattooed on his left hind leg (BE9 3J LF). He was born in April 1999 and purchased from a breeder in Victoria, BC ( I can get that info for you if you like). Bear is wolf grey and white with a very distinct heart shaped mask on his face and a white diamond on his forehead. He is extremely friendly and loves people. He is NOT micro chipped and his tattoo is impossible to see through the fur. The RCMP have been notified in Saskatoon but the scary part is that a couple of miles away from Bear's home, 2 purebred Goldens were stolen in early January. I am working on notifying all small town vets around the city and a Mal breeder who lives in Saskatoon has also been called in case this guy shows up somewhere he's not supposed to be. I am using my name as a contact to minimize the stress on the family. I hope this is OK. My name is Patty Healy and I am a member of the New Hope Dog Rescue in Saskatoon. Saskatoon, SK and my phone number is 306-665-3089.