location and found/lost
I am writing this in an attempt to locate my lost dog. She went missing during a break in of my Hamilton home late sunday sept. 14th. I have contacted all local shelters, pet stores, vets, etc. I have put up posters and continue to put up more everyday she does not return. This email is in desperation to find her as she is missed very much!!
She is a Siberian Husky
2 1/2 yrs old. Black/white/grey markings.Blue eyes. She is very lean and weighs just over 50 lbs. Spayed. Her name is Gypsy! She was wearing a blue collar when she went missing. I appologise if your foundation does not specialize with Huskies or is out of the range of helping me, however we are all animal lovers and I thought some of you may know people in the area that could assist in any way. I have attached her picture if you think you may have a dog matching this description in your facility or have anywhere to post it. I thank you all for your time in reading this, and would appreaciate any advice/help you can pass along to me. Sincerely, Kelly Rota