Aug. 13,2000
Sheena August 13, 2000
location: London, ON - missing

Shena has been missing since from her owners' home in the east end of London, Ontario. She was wearing a collar and tags, as well as being tattooed. One of the tags has the phone number 519.455.0725 and on the back of the tag, the name "Krystle".

Shena was badly frightened by a flotilla of hot-air balloons and jumped the 4.5' fence... she has not been sighted since.

Shena is a spayed female, wolf-grey and white, about 90 lbs. She is 21 months old, purebred and tattooed with the combination TED2H. These photos of Shena were taken when she was 9 months old -- she has filled out since then.

If you have seen this mal, please contact her owners at <mtheissler@lon.imag.net> or phone 519.455.0725.

Shena's brother misses her very much, as do her owners.